If You’re Sick of the Nonsense, This Is For You

Plus, what story are you most proud of and why?

Linda Caroll


photo from piqsels

I’m going to rant a little. Sorry.

I am tired of the complaining. You know what I mean.
It’s in your feed, too.

Stop writing about writing,
Stop writing about money,
Stop reading the writing about writing,
Why are views down what’s going on?
Why do I need 100 followers?
How to make more money!!!
How to get more views!!!
How to get 100 followers!!!
Stop following to get followers!
Stop writing such crap!!
Stop, stop, stop!!!
Why are the topics gone?
This place is going to crap!
etc. etc.

One guy actually wrote about “how to knock the top writers down.” I wanted to smack him. He has no idea how much work it takes to get there. No idea.

Another writer published a list of pieces he thought were crap. Wow. Just wow. Know how we learn to be good writers? By writing badly first. I like this guy. I really do. But wow. That’s some frustration shining through. Can you imagine what it might feel like to be a new writer here and see “your” article in that shat list by an established writer that you maybe admired?

I come here for a break. This is not a break.
Except maybe from sanity.

Look — all that stuff? It’s true. My views are down, too. I miss topics, too. I hate the crap that shows up in the feed too often, too. I get it.

Know what else? Bitching fixes nothing.

It kind of adds to the stink, though.

Is this how you want to wake up every day?

Imagine this. You wake up in the morning. The sun is shining through your window and you can smell the coffee brewing in the kitchen.

But forget about enjoying either of those, because some a-hole is in your face yelling about everything that is…