I wish you were allowed to give me 500 claps, too.

Funny l’il story. Couple of decades ago, I had the cutest little nephew. Curly headed little moppet full of emotions who had no problem saying he’s scared, he’s nervous, he’s ashamed, he’s sad. Just a sweet little boy full of human emotion. But he grew up. Now there’s just joy and anger.

And if he knew I said that, he’d be angry. I don’t blame him. It’s not his fault. It’s the world he grew up in. The people who called him a sissy if he cried and told him “big boys don’t cry.” The other kids that ridiculed him for being tender and anything else that wasn’t manly enough. The ones that taunted him to fight like a man when someone “insulted” him.

If I don’t blame him, how can I blame any of them? But they need to stop denying and defending and start opening their eyes to the toxicity of the culture we live in.

I did it again. I know. You will never get out of your pyjamas with me around. Bwahahaha

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