I really like a lot of the points in this article. Yes, sites like dribble or Behance can be inspiring. Also, Smashing Magazine and John McWade’s Before & After.

I’ve been a designer/marketer for 21 years. Built my first commercial site in 1995 and took my first client over a million in 2000.

Based on 21 years of experience, I just wanted to add a couple of thoughts…

  1. I don’t think all designers necessarily want to be “the best” at what they do. I think once they make the decision to hang out the single, they are (most often) focused on paying the bills and keeping the wolves at bay. If we could convince them that the solution is “more skill” not “more clients” — we’d be halfway to winning the game.
  2. The forgotten factor in website design success is often the person who pays the designer. Design is a very results oriented industry, and what the designer calls a “great site” and what the client calls “a great site” aren’t always the same. The first time a potential client called and said “Rick told me I’d be an idiot if I don’t retain you…” I knew I would be fine. If your clients aren’t referring you to other business people and you don’t have testimonials that sell the work, there’s still work to do.

I love the challenges you included. I’d love to add one to it… can you increase someone’s sales through design alone?

Just followed you… thanks! :)

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