I read the same article. When she said “no thanks” he didn’t say “oh, okay. no problem.” No — he came right back with “why not — you too good for me?”

Yes, that IS threatening. Not if you have a ring on, maybe. But when you don’t have a ring to flash, that conversation often turns ugly pretty fast.

And what ever happend to “Hi, I’m Sam. Nice to meet you.” What kind of jerk opens with I want to take you out?

Based on what? How she LOOKS?

The phrase you used boggles my mind a little. Attraction is supposed to be mutual. I don’t actually think it’s okay for a random strange guy on the street to ask out women based on how they look — particularly when it’s obvious that the attraction isn’t mutual.

Ask a woman with no ring how that goes. You might be a little less conflicted. Not meaning to be rude, but no one should have to flash a ring to get someone to back off. No thanks should suffice and if it doesn’t, then yes — it’s a problem.

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