I read that bit about them saying only 2 — yet a woman in the detention center has said she personally knows of 5 women who have had the surgeries.

It would be nice to think a whistle blower stopped the mess after only two, but somehow I doubt that.

I’m not sure the government feels any need to justify. I think there are people who still believe people of color are “less than” whites.

It’s a horrific thought, but I have to wonder if they look in the mirror and feel pride at a job well done. There’s so much “anti-immigrant” sentiment in America, but if you unpack that, it’s not “immigrant” that’s the problem, it’s color.

On top of that, so many don’t realize it’s not illegal to seek asylum. No matter what anyone says. Seeking asylum is in the human rights declaration. Separating parents and kids because they sought asylum is horrific. This is just another layer on top of that horror.

Gah — sorry that was so long.

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