I love your granny. My mama said the same thing. The only one you missed is the hater. Haters look a lot like trolls, but there’s a difference. Trolls get their jollies inciting people, so that’s what they do. Troll around for the lols.

Haters, on the other hand, can sometimes seem like normal (or even nice) people. You might see them acting pretty human. Problem is, they have hot buttons like nobody’s business.

If you happen to hit on a topic that pushes their hot button, they can make trolls look like amateurs with the venom they spew. And it’s real easy to take those personally, because you “thought” they were nice. They’re the internet version of the guy everyone thought was the upstanding guy next door, except he’s an abuser behind closed doors. Abusers aren’t nice people, even if they pretend to be sometimes. Like trolls, not worth listening to.

This was great. :)

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