I love when I see your name pop up because I so enjoy your perspectives! I’m sorry about the experience you had with that poem, and what your daughter experiences on a day to day basis. It’s far too common — it just really, truly is.

Have you ever read My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor? It’s one of those books that crawled into my head and nestled in to stay. One of the parts that hit me most was when she explained that during the time she had no function in the left hemisphere of her brain, she became hyper aware of the energy and vibes other people gave off.

She was non-verbal at the time (left hemisphere stroke). Someone would come into her hospital room and she’d either light up or huddle against the wall terrified, just based on the energy the person brought in with them.

People toss words around so mindlessly. Ramble or spew without thinking too much of it. But our words are energy that we’re heaping on other people’s heads and putting into the world. Which sounds just crazy enough to be true. I often wish more people would be conscious of what they’re putting into the world, because this world we live in doesn’t need more negativity, but less of it.

Side note: I wrote about that “just being honest” thing a while ago —except I referred to it as “brutal honesty” — we’re on the same page there, for sure.


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