I love this so much. You paint words beautifully.

What intrigues me to no end is that while feelings are usually driving the bus, we can willfully use action to change feelings.

It’s an eerie dance, the interplay of feelings and actions, mental and physical. I wrote a post about how 5 minutes in Corpse Pose can change where we are mentally. It’s just one example.

There’s a fascinating study that talks about how forcing ourselves to smile when we’re down actually changes the neurons firing in our heads and alters our mood for the better.

I’m not a fan of “new-agey” stuff either (so much of it is a bit flakey for me) but yet I believe there’s much more to this world and all in it than most of us could ever conceive, much less believe.

I’ve not suffered a TBI, but I’ve “died” ” 3 times and each time, watched and relayed details afterwards that I couldn’t possibly have known if I wasn’t watching. The first time I was 5. Like you, I have the odd ability to know things I shouldn’t know. I don’t share much of it, because it creeps people out. Me included, sometimes. lol.

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