I love this entire piece, especially the observation of how those who have the means to affect change don’t bother and don’t care.

There’s just one part I don’t agree with. The planet is not dying. It’s trying to get rid of us. And if we don’t smarten up, it will succeed.

No matter what we do, the planet will be fine. Humans, however, may not be. We need to learn that we do not dominate nature. We can either learn to work with the planet, or it will get rid of us and continue.

What’s worse, we will die at the hands of those old men who don’t care. The temperature will continue to rise until the oceans start to swallow coastal cities and countries. New York, gone. California gone. And what doesn’t drown will burn. A million people in California are preparing to be without power for a week because of fire risk. Right now. As I write this.

As Greta points out, the rich old men who don’t care are going to die of old age. She is going to die of climate change. Unless we smarten up. And fast.

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