I like the concept that we all struggle with either work or love. I do not struggle with work. Hahah.

I’ve been coaching business owners for 21 yrs and the most common reason people struggle trying to figure out what to get into is because they are trying to pick an idea or product.

The location based retail model is why we think that way. Jane’s floral, 3rd Avenue Bicycle Shop, etc. It’s a model that’s struggling. There’s a better way.

When you said you’d pick people, you’re on the right track. The question is, WHICH people?

The best odds come when your niche is a specific group of people, not a specific type of thing or idea. Especially doing business online.

For example, if you had a deep longing to sell adorable dog sweaters, your market niche isn’t dog apparel, it’s dog owners.

So the question to ask isn’t what idea/product to pick, it’s who are the people you resonate with? Once you figure out which people you identify with, or care deeply about, you’re more than half the way there.

Unless what you want to do is be an artist. Then ignore all the above and make the work that screams at you to be made. :)

P.S. Thanks again for sentence #1. Always wondered why one comes so easy and the other, not so much.

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