I love (love!) your book, and that’s why I’m commenting. I get the premise you’re trying to get at here, but you have the wrong language.

Let’s start with this one. Is Apple a brand? Is Nike a brand? Of course they are. Do people feel connected to them? Of course they do. And where are their goods made? In factories.

Name any big brand that people define themselves by. Gucci. Any fashion brand. Where are their goods made? Factories. Factories make goods. Some of the goods are sold by brands that make connections. Other goods are sold by brands that don’t make connections and go the way of the dodo bird.

Next incorrect definition is “passive income.” Passive income does not mean you lay on the beach while the money rolls in. Even Tim Ferriss doesn’t do that, as you pointed out.

But, if I’m an accountant and I spend all day every day doing people’s taxes and other paperwork, that’s not passive. That’s active labor.

On the other hand, if I write a book about how to do your own accounting and save money, I can sell that book over and over again. Work once, sell many times. THAT is passive income.

Make no mistake, both people are going to have to work their buns off to keep their business growing. They have to market and promote and build their brand. That’s how to stay IN business. The alternative is the unemployment line, or maybe a cubicle.

So, “passive” income doesn’t mean “no work” it means creating something you can sell more than once after the work is done, as opposed to active labor.


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