I like most of this article, but I’m not sure I agree with this part. Seems to me that “being a man” is the number one job with which boys are tasked and there’s an entire litany of things that encompass “being a man.” At the smallest ages, it starts with “big boys don’t cry…” and as they grow up, it ends with conquest.

That’s what “men” do, right? Go out and conquer. Which makes some sort of convoluted sense because it is, after all, still a mans world. If Kavanaugh taught us nothing else, it taught us that.

Too often, conquest included women — at least in the old and traditional way of thinking. Get the job, get the car, get the house, get the woman.

I suspect that too many “good” men can think of at least one time they behaved in a way that many women would deem inappropriate. No, they’re not all rapists. But you know, conquest. And that’s why they’re so damn afraid of #metoo.

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