I know, right? It is like scraping, scratching and saving to send your girl child to art school and then they teach her about the group of seven who are all men, because of course they are, and all the other most important and very important artists who are also all men, because of course they are, and then when the teacher has questions it is the boy students that are called on most often, because of course they are, and that’s how it is and always has been every every school for all of time. And you sigh and wonder if it will ever change.

But we aren’t supposed to say those things, but I always have and when I find other people who also do, I love them to bits because it’s a hard world to be a brave and vocal woman in. And I might also mention that men are allowed to say these things, men get to say whatever they want and the men who don’t agree just shake their heads and walk away but only if it’s a man saying it because if a woman is saying it, teeth and claws come out. His, not hers.

So, make me a promise, Jenny boo. If you’re ever scared to write something you feel, write it for me. Tag me, even, if you want. So I can come cheer you right out the gate. Because you already know I’m going to, right?

You’re welcome. ❤

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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