I haven’t watched the vid yet because it’s 54min and I’m not done work yet — but as a reader I think it’s essential to have non-Covid pieces here.

Imagine that someone you love has it and they’re struggling with fever and illness. Maybe they can’t breathe well, maybe you just got a positive result, or maybe you’re stressed out waiting for results.

Maybe it’s your child, or your Mom, or maybe you lost someone to it, because there have been 10,000 deaths in the USA alone, and those people all have families who are hurting and isolated.

Do you think people the hardest hit want to see more of it everywhere?
Should Netflix be the only place left that we go for a break from it?

Not like we can go to the park or the beach. We’re all stuck at home and the whole internet keeps shoving it in our faces without thinking of the growing number of people hit by this and wanting a mental break from it.

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