I cannot speak for Europe, but I can for Canada, because I am Canadian. While Canada may have slightly more social democracy than the USA, we are not the loving haven you portray.

Yes, we have healthcare. Which is great if you just need a checkup or to have a baby. But the waiting times for tests and treatments are horrific. Imagine being told you have a suspicious lump and you can get it tested in 6 months.

We have pension, too. It is so low you can’t rent anywhere for what you get paid. The lucky ones have savings that will last long enough to supplement the pension. The amount paid is half the cost of a senior’s care home.

Boomers will likely be the last generation to be able to retire. The rest of us will work until we die and hope there is always someone who will hire us instead of putting us out to pasture in favor of younger people.

Perhaps there are sunnier stories in Europe. I don’t know.

What I do know is that resource hoarding is a global problem. We need legislation to prevent that from happening, but who would enact such laws when we keep voting the wealthy elite into power? Certainly not them.

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