I am not sure there is anything more evil than a parent who makes their child feel so unwelcome and so judged that they’d prefer living on the street, but that’s what happens to LGBTQ youth far too often.

Yet somehow these people think they are holy and when they die, they’re going to sit at the right hand of God. If there is a God, I don’t think it works that way. I think maybe there’s a special place in hell for the parent who doesn’t have their kid’s back, regardless of what the “church” says.

I have heard many LGBTQ adults say they knew very young, 6 years old or 10 years old, that they were gay. No child of that age is making “sexual” choices, which confirms to even someone as simple as me that this is not a “choice” as the church says. Yes, people are born gay. The Catholic church needs to educate itself and stop preaching from a place of ignorance.

James, this whole thing aches. More so because I am Canadian and it makes me angry. I was baptized Catholic and opted out as a very young adult because of their bigoted and biased views towards women and LGBTQ and anyone that does not fit their small minded views of which humans are acceptable and which are lesser than.

We are all human beings. No one is lesser than.

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