I am just a Canadian, sitting in the middle of the prairies watching truckers from the Dakotas drive across our borders bringing goods and covid in numbers that equal what's happening on your side of the border.

But I ask you, Mr. Obama. Whose ideals are you talking about? Because that is the problem, isn't it? To some people, America'[s ideals are about a white America, run primarily by men.

Make no mistake. This is not about Trump vs. Biden. Red vs. blue. This is about white versus colored. That's the "American ideal" that's on the line.

I had hope for America when they elected you. I was shocked when they elected Trump. But in hindsight, that's how a tug of war works. A metronome, too, swings from side to side before it finds the middle

The question will be, what will be the middle? Only time will tell that. If we don't burn the world first.

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