Honey girl, I wish I could give you more than 50 claps for this. I’ve half a mind to set up another account so I can clap again. It has indeed gotten out of hand. We all know it’s not about helping anyone.

I’ve written about this, too. Recipes are for cookies, not making money. One cup peanut butter, one cup brown sugar, one egg. Chill. 10 mins at 350*. Makes 18 yummy peanut butter cookies that are intense. Works every time.

Those posts exist for one reason. They get clicks. Recipes for making money only work for the person writing the recipe. Don’t we all know that yet? But yet they get clicks. Mostly by people who really need the money. Which makes it kind of abominable when you think about it.

Thank you. You won’t lose a reader here. You’ll just gain another fan.

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