Hi Shirley…

Have you ever seen this clip by Ira Glass? It’s really good. And I think you should watch it. Your Mom should probably watch it, too.

I don’t think you’re a bad writer. I haven’t seen your Mom’s friend’s photos, but I don’t think she’s wasting time or money either.

I’ll tell you why I think that…I think if we feel compelled to do a thing, it’s because something inside us longs to — we have interest. And that’s key.

We seldom feel called to do something we have no interest in. I’m never going to be a mechanic. Not enough interest to persist through the bad. And we all start out doing bad work. But the way to good work is by doing bad work first.

Your Mom’s friend might be doing bad work right now. But she’ll develop her own style. Every photographer takes bad photos until they find their niche. Their eye. Before they find their eye, they’re going to be bad. But if their interest keeps them going, they eventually find their way. That’s how it works.

All of that applies to you, too. Big deal if you don’t arrange things the way someone else thinks you should — even when that someone is your Mom. I tell my daughter to never-mind what I think, and follow her interests.

And besides, who gets to say what’s good? Have you seen Picasso? Omg! Have you ever watched a David Lynch movie? Omg! Both people have raving fans and raging haters. You see? It’s all taste.

Think of any creator. Photographers, writers, musicians — every single one has people who love their work and hate their work. It’s all taste.

If you love writing, then I think you should keep writing!

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes. https://lindac.substack.com/

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