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One man’s garbage is another man’s gold.

Thing is, intellectualism is a lofty but flawed concept. It refers to the ability to exercise intellect at the expense of the emotions. Psychology teaches us that humans don’t work that way. In reality, we don’t base anything on intellect, we base everything on emotion and intellect is simply how we justify our emotional choices.

A few points that might be helpful.

  1. If you look at some of Quincy Larson’s posts, you’ll see that there is, indeed, an audience for content other than mental junk food. I’m sure there’s tons of others, he’s just the first that came to mind.
  2. You’re not publishing to a publication. That’s a really big part of the equation. When you publish to a publication, your post goes into the publications feed. If you were to submit to one of the bigger political publications, I’m sure you’d see an uptick pretty quickly.
  3. Some of the onus is on the writer, too. People are reading on desktop, laptop and phone. On a small screen, a wall of text is hard to read .Formatting helps with reading ease. Pull quotes, breaks in text, compelling sub-headers — those all help.

It’s really easy to say that the readers here aren’t interested in what you write. I’m just not sure I agree. Sure, lots of people read stuff. The people here are as human as everywhere else. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an audience for what you write. I think there is.

I think if you were to write another piece — work on formatting, titles and layout — and submit it to one of the bigger publications — you’d see a difference pretty quickly.

Here’s a couple of sites that help with finding publications:

Hope you find something helpful there…

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