Hi Kim

Yup — I’d just keep it real simple. The 2 most important things are the “feel” and the color. Brands have a personality (or at least, they should) and making sure the logo has the right personality is way more important than fuss and detail. (People don’t remember the detail anyway)

I’m working on a post about color theory — not the same boring stuff, but the stuff people often don’t know. You might find it helpful.

On the quiz — had to laugh. You got them all wrong. lol. Except FB, but Mal already got that one right. It’s funny, you know? Because designers often say how important logos are, but the rest of us can’t even remember them until we see them. Recognition and recall are sure not the same!

Thanks so much for joining in. Maybe you could do a post of your logo drafts and we could give feedback! (feel welcome to share it here so I find it)

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