Hi Katherine…

I’ve found that there are 2 tricks to get people to listen.

The first method is in a single person story.
No one wanted to talk about the genocide happening in Syria, but the photos of little Alan Kurdi got a lot of people to stop and pay attention. World Vision uses this technique by connecting sponsors with one child.

Single person stories work because it’s hard for the average person to wrap their heads around statistics. If someone starts out by saying 161 million children are hungry, it’s overwhelming. We don’t know what to do about it, so we shut it out. But if you say this is Amalise and she is hungry all the time, and her Mom can’t afford to send her to school. But for $39, you can make sure she’s fed and gets to go to school. One person. One story.

Brandon Stanton used this same technique to grow a massive audience at HONY, which is is now leveraging to tackle some important issues.

The second method is association…
Basically, how can you combine what people want to read about with what you want to tell them?

Here’s an example. The biggest problem Donald Trump had during his bankruptcy was that he had to cut back his daily spending to $450,000.00 per day. (link for you) How can you tie that into the topics you want to talk about? Because if you can do that, you get both — you catch the eyeballs by talking about what they want to read, and you season with what you want them to know.

You can do it… and here’s an invitation… message me or come back and post a follow up and I’ll come share.

Also, be sure to submit to a publication that gets a good sized audience. When you combine all 3 (interest, information, audience) — you’re going to kick some serious butt. I have faith in you!


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