Hi JulieAnn. I don’t believe in writer’s block either. But I think it’s just semantics. Word choice. Whether it’s scattered thoughts, or a character or story not being ready, or mental exhaustion (from work, parenting, schedules) it’s a catch phrase people use that seldom helps.

I love much of Bukowski’s work, but I daily remind myself that everything short of facts are opinions. On the one hand, you have Bukowski saying why do something you don’t burn to do, and on the other hand you have Ira Glass saying you will be bad before you are good and you have to keep doing it, push through that phase until the work matches what’s in your head.

Which is right? Well, both, of course. We are nothing so much as giant walking onions, comprised of layer after layer.

For me, I have always written. Reams and reams, my computer is drowning in years of writing. Sharing is the part I’ve been not so good at. So for me, write every day whether I want to or not means write “publicly” every day.

Thanks so much for such a deep and thoughtful reply. I do love the conversations here.

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