Hi Jewelia… I have seen you leave long thoughtful responses on a few stories. It makes me kind of wish you would set some kind of avatar because I suspect many people scroll on by simply because of the default avatar. A lot of spammers keep the default avatar, so posts with it tend to get passed over.

You have so many good questions, I’m tempted to make some of them into posts. I don’t know why other people write here, I only know why I do. I work largely in isolation — I’ve been self employed via the internet for 21 years and I like the interaction. It’s nice to pop in, write some thoughts, and have a ton of conversations and be able to do that when I have time, in 10 or 15 minute jogs here and there.

It’s true that there’s a lot of poor quality writing here, but there is everywhere. Thing is, we must do anything poorly before we do it well. I am a developer, and when I look back and my first websites — omg, I can’t believe I created those! It’s the same with writing. We must do a thing to improve at it.

Thanks for taking the time for a real conversation! :)

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