Hi Jenny. I know, right? And when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified against Kava-nope, there were women who jeered and mocked her, too. And when women get raped, there are women who ask them why they were in that bar, or why they wore that dress. Being an a**hole isn’t specified by gender.

My reply to J. Apple was because he said my points were outdated, so I replied to give recent statistics. It wasn’t meant to omit things intentionally, it was just a reply to what was commented.

Fact is that as women try to change things for women, there are both men and women who yell insults — and likewise, when men try to change, there are both men and women who yell about it.

I tend to write about women’s issues because women still get paid less than men. We still do most of the housework. 58% of the American workforce are women, but only 5% of the Fortune 500 companies have women CEOs.

If the situation were reversed and men were the ones getting paid less and carrying more of the home load, I’d be writing about that.

Hope that made sense. :)

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