Hi Jason! That’s a good point. To be up front, though, that 1.5% ❤ rate with the killer read rate isn’t mine — it was from the #1 Medium post of all time. I don’t have a terribly large audience (3.5K) and my ❤ rate is so shockingly good it makes me want to hug all those people who read and heart.

But yes, that’s a really good point. You know what strikes me as strange? If you have a lot of Twitter followers, Medium and Twitter are so joined at the hip I can’t see why people wouldn’t just log in with Twitter to give a like to someone whose writing they enjoy.

That’s actually what brought ME here. I liked someone’s blog and he shares posts here, so I logged in with Twitter so I could hit the like. :)

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to add this — I think it’s a valuable thing to consider with regard to ❤ rates.

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