Hey Tim. Well, I’m glad you didn’t just call me out because we would have missed out on a great conversation. It seems to me if we don’t have conversation, then what do we have, you know?

We need to be able to talk with people that we don’t agree with (not just people we agree with) or we end up living in a little bubble where everyone we’re surrounded by is a copy of ourselves and no one would ever learn anything from conversing with people who think differently.

If I seemed hung up on the black/white thing, then I probably needed another rewrite. I totally get that people respect the wisdom on ancient cultures — and that was the root of the problem with the story.

See, the concept of “original sin” and the concept of our good vs evil nature — those are Christian concepts. The Inuit do not believe in those, and neither did the Cherokee. So in both versions of the story, the Reverend “used” the wisdom of those ancients to craft a story they would not have told.

If he’d tapped into some ancient Christian culture to make up a similar story, that would have been fine. But he “borrowed” a culture that didn’t even share his Christian beliefs.

So, I wasn’t saying that the story of light vs. dark was a lie — it’s a fundamental Christian belief. But attributing it to a culture that doesn’t believe in the original sin — that was the problem.

Thanks for deciding not to lambaste me. I appreciate being able to discuss, not just post and run. :)

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