Hey Rick. Right enough it’s easy to say “be interesting” but much harder to define. I’ve worked in marketing for 23+ years and people always think “tech” is their issue. It almost never is. Lack of creative strategy is always the issue.

Somewhat ironically, I’m attempting to write a book about it. The problem, of course, is that “interest” isn’t formulaic. People like formulaic. That’s why success tips and seo cheats and all that other god-awful stuff is so popular.

Problem is, all the “cheats” don’t help if you’re fork in the head boring.

Did you know over 60% of web pages lose over 50% of visitors in 30 seconds? Look, puke, leave is how a Google analyst phrased the average response…

Back in the 60’s a fellow named George Land came up with a creative thinking test for NASA. What he discovered is that 90% of 3 year olds are creative thinking geniuses, but only 2% of adults rank in that group.

Turns out the school system teaches us to be masters of convergent thinking but at the cost of divergent thinking capacity. Land calls it adultification. And it’s why so many people aren’t interesting. Because 2% of us come out of the school system with divergent thinking capabilities intact.

A really good start would be if people would stop blogging about what they sell and their industry — and start blogging about what their target customer actually wants to READ. Preferably without puffery and in a unique voice that’s more “BFF” than “industry professional” — the world has enough fork in the head boring.

Which says not nearly enough, I know. I could talk your ear off…

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