Hey Michael…

Impressive results in the comment/post you linked. From 15 to 844 is indeed a significant jump! The next step I’d suggest is to submit posts to a couple of the bigger publications. A publication with strong reach can increase your reach really quickly.

The problem of 2 audiences is one I’m infinitely familiar with. I’ve been in marketing a long (long!) time and I generally have at least 2 audiences to target, sometimes more. I have no doubt you’ll figure that out, but if you’d like an ear to bounce around suggestions, sure would make for an interesting conversation.

Your book fascinates the heck out of me. Since 1995, I’ve taken more than one small biz from nothing/new/struggling to over a million in sales — one in 18 months flat. Unfortunately, they weren’t my businesses, they are clients. lol. Now just need to do that for myself. I’m going to go look up your book on Amazon next.

Thanks for popping by to visit. :)

Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes. https://lindac.substack.com/

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