Hey Marti, I can kind of understand Mark’s position. I’ve worked in digital marketing and dev since freaking y2k. I’ve had some great results — taken more than one company to 7 figures, my work has been featured in the NYT, etc. etc.

The biggest problem is that there’s a heaping helping of marketing hucksters playing a thousand different tunes, and they know how to push the hot buttons.

Everyone wants the magic solution, to be the next overnight success, the next viral sensation, they want short cuts and cheat sheets and common sense isn’t even close to the top of the list of what they want to hear.

Hell, just look at what gets the clicks here on Medium. There’s actual psychologists talking about how to change and how to overcome bad habits and if they get a hundred clicks they’re doing fabulous.

But the success tips from the richest people, and the wake up at 5 am schtick — that’s where all the clicks are. Thousands and thousands of them. Hey, just do these 5 things and you’ll change your life. Instant gratification. That’s what people seem to want, and it bleeds into marketing and business growth.

Hanging back and not sharing isn’t a better solution, I agree. But I get where he’s coming from, because I’m guilty of the same.

Nice write — thanks. :)

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