Hey Jenny. You know, it strikes me that this is nothing new. I’m old enough to remember ads in the paper, before the internet, that promised to teach you how to make money working from home. And if you were gullible enough to send the $5 and a SASE (self addressed, stamped envelope) you’d get a letter telling you to place an ad just like the one you responded to. Internet marketers just brought that online.

Funny story. I was doing a website once, for a Hollywood Celebrity. She asked me if I could edit her IMDB profile to add new photos. And when I went there, I saw a big notice on their site telling “wannabe” actors and actresses not to buy “how to make it in Hollywood” ebooks on the Internet. Because, the note said, if the people writing them were successful, they wouldn’t need to sell a book on how to be successful.

I often hesitate to say stuff like that because there are some people who are truly helpful, and I never want them to feel like I’m shaming them for actually helping. But oh, there’s a lot of the other, too. I guess it’s to be expected. But like you, I feel for the new people who read those and then feel like they’ve done something wrong when the results weren’t as expected.

Thanks for the kind call out. ❤

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