Hey Ben! I think this is an important topic. I agree most people think workaholism is normal — I don’t personally know anyone that thinks it’s good. I’m sure there are people who think it’s good — most people I know seem to see it as necessary more than good.

40 years ago, most CEOs earned in a month what their employees earned in a year. Now they earn the average employee salary by noon on New Years Day.

So what’s left for the employees who can’t afford health care, can’t afford to retire and are 2 paychecks from broke? Well, they can leave the country. Or they can work more to make ends meet. What other options are there?

Yes, we can make do with less, but that won’t pack away savings for a rainy day or retirement.

Ironic to have this conversation right after Super Tuesday given that the candidate in the lead is not the one talking about better options for the working stiffs.

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