Here's the thing. Call it originalism, call it authoritarianism, call it white male privilege. They are all one and the same.

Amy Coney Barrett is a problem in the same way Donald Trump is a problem. They are a problem in what they represent.

There has been a growing segment of people who believe in white superiority, people who believe in authoritarianism as long as an old white man is the authority.

And that segment of society has been growing louder. 4 years ago, Trump saw that segment and blew on the embers to stoke the fire.

They are not the majority. Not even close. But they are the loudest. The most hateful. The most prejudiced and patriarchal and the most racist.

People who will suffer under a racist, patriarchal, prejudiced system need to rise up like never before. They need to make Obama's win pale by comparison.

Not just in voting Trump out, but and entire senate flip. Check every damn box on the ballot blue. Send a message loud and clear.

Get rid of every one of the Republicans that think any of this is okay. The future of the majority depends on it.

Because the alternative is to go back 100 years where segregation is permitted, hate rules and only rich white men are provided for.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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