Have you ever read Viktor Frank’s book Man’s Search for Meaning? One of the things he talks about is the stark contrast between how people behave.

Some people seem to have a capacity for evil that others just don’t have. German guards that would risk their own lives to slip a bit more food to a prisoner, vs. Jews that would intentionally hurt another Jew.

He said he believed the difference between people isn’t race/religon/etc but that some have the capacity for horrific evil, while others don’t.

I think the issue I have with the concept of the “original sin” is that it assumes we are all born with the capacity for evil, and I’m not sure I agree.

Many humans do have the capacity for evil, but I’m not sure we all do, and I’m not sure I’d agree that a newborn baby is automatically a sinner simply because it was born.

You’re SO right — the evil side gets more coverage. Probably because it’s better click bait and clicks are cash these days. :)

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