Hah — that is so awesome! That was my goal, to see if I could get people visiting each other.

Also… it made me laugh that seeing the words very and really now throws up the red flag. SO funny. Mark on the wall for me. lol

You’re right on the structure — each comment being it’s own story can be crazy. But — Medium made a change I really like when they added the new way to manage comments.

See, if the comments are on YOUR story, as opposed to elsewhere, you can go to the story, click “manage comments” at the bottom — and voila — they’re all there in one nice tidy thread.

On interactions, everyone types, but there’s different kinds of writing — some people are more preaching than talking. You know? I’ve found that when I “talk” as opposed to preach or teach, I get more comments.

For me, the best way to get more interaction has been to (a) write for a publication (more readers) and (b) end with a question.

P.S. I live in a cave, too. Medium is perfect for me. I can come visit when I’m not “doing” — writing, painting, photography, etc., etc.

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