Greta is shining a light on misogyny in the same way #metoo shone a light on rape culture. Every woman who expects autonomy from the world already knows these men because they are everywhere. In homes, workplaces, and among our family and friends.

They are the men who think women should be in the kitchen, preferably barefoot and cooking dinner.

They are the men who think women don’t get to have a say, and when they do have an opinion, someone “obviously” put them up to it because heaven forbid our lady brains might actually hold any worthwhile knowledge.

Listen to them — every one of them references “who put her up to it” because that’s how those men work.

They don’t think, for a minute, that she knows what she’s talking about. They are not intimidated by her knowledge, because they think she’s wrong. They are angry that the world is paying so much attention to a woman. Because that’s not how the world ought to work in their eyes. Double the indignity that the world is not only listening to a female, but one that’s “wrong” as well.

Look in your comments. You will see it all right there.
Well said — thanks for writing this. :)

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