Glory was, the advertorials went in a separate pub. No disclosure required. Writers were hand picked. Obviously the folks at the top realized it wasn’t the route to go. (Likely because there wasn’t enough bang for the buck for the companies paying for the advertorials. Results get measured, and all that)

It’s not any one thing, you know? Never is. It’s when you start lining up all the things that you start to see a bigger picture. While the layoff was shocking to many, maybe it was a step in the right direction.

With publications, I’m kind of curious how they perform compared to building a mailing list of the same size without a publication. I’m half tempted to try it just for the comparison. But I know I have an innate glutton for punishment streak, so I’m not sure yet.

Nice to know if I do, I’d have at least one reader. Hahah. j/k — sort of. I’m really enjoying having real bona fide conversations here. Thanks for that!

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