Getting rid of Trump will not solve all the problems. It will solve some. The pandemic might be handled better, for example.

Getting rid of Trump will do one very BIG thing.

It will send a loud clear message to Donald Trump to tell him that HE is not in charge.

The people of America are in charge.

The president is supposed to represent the people. ALL the people. Not just the ones he likes.

When POTUS fails to represent the interests of ALL the people, they can turf him. Him, and all his cronies. Because he is not making this mess alone.

The people of America can choose to not just vote him out, but flip the senate.

There are already quarter mile lines to vote in deep blue areas. It is not going to get better in the coming days.

Important to remember - the election is not on Nov 3 -- the election ENDS Nov 3.

Vote now. And if you're in California, make sure you are not using one of the fake ballot boxes. Google that if you like.

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