Honestly, I cannot see any business model at all.

Funny thing with business models. When push comes to shove, there’s 2 ways one can go.

Option #1 is where you sell something direct to consumer. Doesn’t matter if it’s a product or a service, tangible or not. What matters is that you sell to the consumer. Whether I buy your coffee, your downloads or your services to do something for me, you are selling direct to your visitors.

Option #2 is the broadcast model, where you build an audience to consume a thing — tv show, radio show, writing, etc, and then sell their eyeballs to advertisers. Essentially, selling your visitors instead of selling to them.

Every business on the planet falls under one (or both) of those.
Guess which business model is doing very badly on the Internet.
Hint, it’s not #1.

And honestly, seeing this pisses me off. Because this is what I have done for 21 years. It’s how I raised my kid and paid the bills. By showing people how to make their business profitable. I have sold everything from downloads to $50/pound coffee and tub surrounds, and it drives me right up the wall when I see someone with a really, really good idea not flying because they chose the wrong model.

Members probably outnumber publications significantly. Therefore, makes sense that members would be the logical customer. (See Shaun’s comment above.) Hell, there’s not even a hard sell here. We aren’t raw visitors from Google. That’s a hard sell. We’re already sold on the system.

Yeah. So. Ask me what I think. hahahah.

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