From 1978 to 2018, CEO compensation grew by 1,007.5%. In the same time frame, worker compensation has only grown 11%. Federal minimum wage has only been raised 10 times in 40 years.

50 years ago, the average ceo earned in one month what a worker earned in a year. Today most CEOs earn the annual worker’s salary by noon on New Years Day — often earning more than 1000 times what their workers earn.

We need to stop painting this as a generational problem (ok, boomer) and start addressing the wealth divide for what it is. Greed.

Does anyone think all boomers were wealthy or are wealthy? There are a lot of people approaching retirement with nothing to fall back on. Google retirement crisis.

Does anyone think wealthy millennials are paying their staff any better than wealthy boomers did? Wealth distribution has always been the problem. We need to stop asking what boomers did wrong and start asking why the laws permit the wealth divide to continue to grow.

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