Friday Photo. So, This Happened…

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Taken with my trusty Nikon, October 2016. Look at those claws!

I watched the angry woman yelling at the zookeeper. Red faced. Sputtering.

Children shouldn’t have to see this.

Mama talked about the circle of life. Cats eating mice and coyotes that try get the chickens. Our meat didn’t arrive on Styrofoam trays with Saran wrap, much less McBoxes with fries and a toy.

As her voice escalated (eyes flashing, finger wagging) her child peeked out behind her, eyes wide. Captivated by the bird of prey.

I brought her here to learn about nature, and…

The angry woman grabbed her child by the hand and stomped away, pulling the child in a wide arc to avoid the black people walking along the path.

I’m on a 66 day challenge to post every day until 2017. Join me?

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