Firstly, no, they wouldn’t. 1800 people die every day of heart disease, 648K per year and you don’t hear everyone talking about that incessantly.

Secondly — the number of deaths are in the headlines every day. Tell me what good talking about it *more* will do? What good would it serve? None.

Most of what happens is in the hands of politicians. They decide whether stores are open or closed. They decide whether business has to pay sick leave or not. They decide who gets PPE and equipment and who does not.

What do WE get to decide? We get to decide whether to wash our hands, to wear a mask, to stay home as much as we can and to stay 6 feet away from other humans if we have to go into public spaces.

Most people cannot afford to be without income indefinitely. There’s no win/win except maybe for the top 1%, but they’re not reading your posts.

Take away people’s income and it makes perfect sense that they are more worried about their own safety and financial security than that of strangers dying in the news. Ever heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

Most people are not the cov-idiots that POTUS is tweeting support for. Most people just want to survive this, preferably with a roof over their head. With exception of the cov-idiots who think it’s a hoax or a flu, most of us are well aware how horrible it is.

But tell me — what do you think the average person can do? I wish you’d point more fingers at politicians and the people who can actually make some different instead of the average person who is stuck between a rock and a hard place because of the financial fall out of the pandemic.

I know you won’t read this anyway — but maybe someone will and maybe they’ll feel like it’s okay that they’re not screaming about the numbers every day. We don’t need to. The news media does it for us.

Repeating the news isn’t caring. Right now, staying home and self isolating is the most caring thing any of us can do for our fellow citizens.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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