Everybody is wrong, of course. Because some people passed their best-by date at 18 and they spend the rest of their lives talking about that winning goal or when they were homecoming queen. And they never grow or change even their opinions, much less anything else.

And then there’s the people who are changing, morphing, finding themselves into their 80s. Usually they’re the weirdos, the atypicals, the loners and the square pegs that would not be shoved into a round hole. They are the most fascinating people.

I tell my daughter that when I’m 80, I’m going to have wild hair and wear leggings and tell everyone to f*ck off and go home to my cats. She asks me what’s going to be different, then?

I’m sorry for the sad bits, here. I had more than my share of them as a kid, too. And as an adult, but this is long enough already. You fascinate the hell out of me. ❤

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