Every time I read a post like this, someone comes along to say men need to learn to be healthy/etc. While it’s true that men (as a whole) would benefit from learning vulnerability or to handle emotions, rejection, have better mentors, etc — it’s still apples & oranges.

The fact is real simple. People are not entitled to other people. It swings both ways. A woman is not entitled to have a particular man because she wants him. Likewise, a man is not entitled to have a particular woman because he wants her.

A man can understand that whether he is emotionally healthy or not. Those same men don’t pull a gun on a male friend who doesn’t want to go out. (Hey Bob, wanna hit the club? No? Bam. Dead.) Doesn’t happen. Rejection, apparently, is only a problem when it’s a woman saying no.

We seldom see women pulling out a gun and shooting some guy who isn’t interested in them. The reason is real simple. Men were never our property.

Women were once the property of men, no different than his dog or his horse. Women can scream for equality all we want, but until men stop seeing us as an acquisition they’re entitled to, it’s not likely to happen. And it’s damn sad.

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