Donald Trump has handled the crisis poorly. That is not in question. However, each and every individual is responsible for their own actions and choices.

When people go out in public when they don’t need to, that is a choice. When people do not wear a mask, that is also a choice. When people do not wash their hands, or use hand sanitizer, or do not take precautions to keep themselves or their families safe, that is also a choice.

Yes, Trump has said dumb things. The entire time, there have been many professionals (doctors and such) saying the opposite. People choose which messages to listen to. We have the freedom of choice, but we also have to live with the repercussions of the choices we make.

We can either treat people like they have no brain and no agency, or we can treat them as though they do and they made bad choices.

36% of people who get C0V1D will have long term neurological problems. I certainly hope people have agency. If they do, perhaps they will start realizing that health care is going to become very important and vote accordingly.

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