Do you think we have that long? I don't. Maybe 3 decades at the outside. Scientists talk about tipping points.

The problem is that it's not a gradual slide. It's a series of tipping points. Years ago, they said we cannot let temperatures increase more than 1.5 degrees, but we are now .6 degrees away from that temperature.

In 2019, the UN said we have 12 years before we hit another tipping point.

But the problem is that climate change doesn't work for the oligarchy. And unless someone can figure out how to make climate change work for them, or figure out how to hand the power to people who can and will implement change, then change doesn't happen.

All those old rich white men who form the oligarchy aren't suffering the end result. They aren't on the land that's flooding or walking the streets filled with smoke. They just get in their private jets and fly wherever they want to be.

I wish I had answers, but I don't. Many questions, many concerns and no answers. I hope someone does, before it's too late.

Thanks for writing this. It needs to be said. Loudly and often.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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