Do you clap like a Morgan Freeman at the Oscars or are you more like Fallon?

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When I read articles at Medium, I’m (usually) kind of like this…

But, some people are more like this…

Medium used to have a text blurb saying something like: “show how much you liked this article…”

But I don’t think that’s how we use claps. Cause when I look at claps on my stories, it’s always the same people who clap 25 times or 50 times, bless their generous and loving hearts. (You know who you are — and thank you!)

It’s always the same people who clap exactly ONCE, too.
Ya know?

We’re not even gonna talk about the people who just came to argue. They don’t clap anyway, so yeah —

I noticed that I have weird clapping rules in my head…

— Like, I almost never clap less than 10 times.
— And, one clap feels kinda stingy since we have 50 to give
— I clap even more when it’s a member article. Because yay, pay…
— 50 claps is like getting 100%, so I save that for things that wow
— 25 claps isn’t “half the claps” it’s a compliment
— 35 claps is weird. I almost never do that… ditto 45
— Come to think of it, I tend to clap in increments of 10. Except 25

Do you have weird clapping rules in your head, too?

I can’t be the only weirdo — I mean, it’s Medium. Lots of weirdos here. What’s yours? And have you noticed any weird clapping patterns on your stories?


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