Do they “need” another email? No. It’s not about need, it’s about want. And that’s the problem with most email marketing. People have this idea in their head about how email marketing works, and they have it all backwards.

Most email marketing has an open rate under 20% and then email marketers assure you it’s “normal” for 80% of people to not even open. But the reality is they don’t open because they know what’s inside. We learn fast.

Most marketing is myopic at best. I know, because this is how I’ve made a living for over 20 years — overhauling people’s marketing. One of my clients has been with me all 20 of those years. I took them from 9% open rate to over 40% and sometimes higher. And 7 figures in sales. How? By asking what people want to receive, not what we think we should send.

Incidentally, you could move your list to substack and it would cost nothing. No one needs to be paying those kind of rates anymore.

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