Deep hurts are always like that. Like looking at the sun too long. When you close your eyes, there it is. Inescapable.

I think telling someone that’s been homeless that they think about money too much is a little like telling someone who has starved that they think about food too much.

I haven’t been homeless, but I remember waking up to find out my bank account had been frozen pending division of assets, and me with a child to feed and care for. Divorce sucks, being a single parent is hard and those didn’t help. Slices in the psyche that took a long time to heal.

Our hurts need time to heal, and no one gets to set the timeline on that.

I’m not entirely sure you worship money. Seems to me if you worship anything, it’s safety and security. Seems to me that’s pretty human.

Kind of makes me wonder how your friends would react to being homeless. Easy to make flip comments about someone else if you’ve never walked a mile in their shoes. The world could use less judgement and more empathy.

Thanks for sharing this. Going to follow your posts now… :)

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