Dear people who make websites, please stop doing these 10 things.

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Side eye Chloe (it’s a meme. google it)

Most people who hire designers AREN’T that guy…

10 Things Designers Should Stop Doing…

  1. Auto play video
    Remember when people played midis in the background? We didn’t have tabs back then. Now when I open 5 tabs and something starts talking, I have to go FIND the *&!^ thing. Guess which tab gets closed instantly?
  2. Infinite scroll in the wrong places
    Infinite scroll is cool when I’m looking at images. But if you’re a commercial site and you have important links in the footer? Like contact and customer service? You know people can’t get to them, right?
  3. Mobile sites that suck
    If your mobile site doesn’t allow people to do the same things they’d do on the desktop site, I have one question. Why?
  4. Popups that ask me if I know I’m blocking popups.
    Do I know I’m blocking ads? Duh. Do I want to turn off my ad blocker just for you? No — no, I’d much rather leave. K-thanks. Bye.
  5. Floating crap
    Floating that like-button or signup form down the page isn’t going to make me more likely to click it. It’s annoying and, frankly, kind of stalker-ish.
  6. Sticky headers
    So cooool, right? That big ol’ logo of yours stays right there, in my face. Except, it uses a chunk of the screen that could be displaying your stuff instead. I’m not here to buy your logo, you know?
  7. Hamburger menus on a desktop site.
    Hamburgers are great on mobile. Yay, space saver. But on a desktop? So no one knows what pages you have without clicking to open the menu? Worst is the poorly done ones, where the content twitches over and back, over and back, every time the menu opens or closes. Bleh. So annoying.
  8. Too many flashing blinking ads
    I get it. Some sites make money on ad views. Note that if you use too many of them, it backfires. Especially if they blink or flash. Gah, my eyes.
  9. Stupid, unnecessary apps
    Interested in our classes? Download our app to get the current schedule!
    Wtf. Seriously? Why make it so hard for people to pay you?
  10. Homepages that give people seizures.
    That psychedelic design that pulsates so much it’s probably dangerous to people with epilepsy? Dancing logos with a handy-dandy loading bar so we can wait to see your logo animation? That’s today’s blinking text. Don’t do it, man! Also? Links to literally everything on your site. On a black background. In yellow text.



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